How to become a member

Membership categories

Tariff from 1 July 2015

Regular member More than 5 years of experience $ 120.- per month
(With debit: $100.-)
US$ 15.- per month
Affiliated Member Up to 5 years of experience $ 100.- per month
(With debit: $80.-)
US$ 12.- per month
Student member University students $ 70.- per month
(With debit: $60.-)
US$ 10.- per month
Institutional Member Legally constituted institution In keeping with the agreement In keeping with the agreement

AN.B.: For foreign members residing abroad, the fee is in US dollars. Please ask for term or annual payments for discounts.

The Argentinian Association for Mental Health (AASM) members are entitled to substantial discounts on activities organized by the association (courses, congresses, conferences).

A poster will be soon drawn up with the details of our members to be distributed in the community. Furthermore, our members have the chance to take part in chapters of their interest.

Regular members may propose the creation of new chapters if worthy of interest.

Members in Greater Buenos Aires, the interior part of the country or Argentinian members living abroad can request the opening of AASM affiliates. Similarly, those members who belong to public and private institutions in the country are also entitled to request the opening of an affiliate, acting as affiliate representative in the AASM.

To request the opening of affiliates, the board of directors should be made up of a president, a vice-president, a scientific secretary and one spokesperson at least, up to three. The board will be ruled by the AASM statute.


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